Will the Next-Gen iPhone 5 be Made of Liquid Metal, à la T-1000 from Terminator 2?

Remember T-1000 Skynet robot which was made from Liquid Metal in Terminator 2? Well it looks like Steve Jobs and Co are in full mood to build their next-gen hardware using Liquidmetal Technologies, a California based company from which they recently acquired exclusive rights to build products made of Liquid Metal alloy.


One of the best and the most distinguishing factors about Apple products is the way they produce their hardware, the build quality, the materials used are of top-notch quality which makes up for the high price-tag and the brand value. Be it the all unibody aluminum build MacBook Pros, iMacs to the all front and back glass built iPhone 4, all these products stand-out when compared to the competitors offering.

Liquidmetal alloys represent the first enabling materials technology since the creation of thermoplastics and possess characteristics that make them superior in many ways to other commercially-viable materials. First, they have an “amorphous” atomic structure, which is unprecedented for structural metals. Second, they include a multi-component chemical composition, which can be optimized for various properties and processes. Finally, they lend themselves to process technology similar to that possessed by plastics.

Now that Apple has exclusive rights to build products made of Liquid Metal, I don’t think they will be interested in building any robot for the next Terminator movie, but rather they will most likely be using it in the next-gen iMacs, iPads and iPhones to once again stay one step clear ahead in the game.

Apple Liquid Metal

iPhone 5 Conceptual ImageConceptual Image Credit: Anthony De Rosa

I for one cant wait to see what Apple engineers can come up with this, the fact that Liquid Metal can be transformed into any shape and angle gives them even more choice to come with a truly next-gen innovative design. Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments section below. [via CrunchGear]

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