Why Start Your Own Blog And Keep It?

Regularly writing down ideas in a Blog Starter brings a lot of bonuses: you structure your thoughts, train your self-discipline, and learn how to communicate with your readers and deal with criticism. Have you ever wanted to start your blog? Or do you already have a blog that you don’t know how to take to the next level?

If you think that it’s time to start a blog, but there are doubts — this article is for you.

Earn money on your blog.

When a blog is created to earn money, you are launching a business on the Internet. Through a plan, you think through a project, invest money in the platform, develop and promote content, and use various monetization tools. For example, by publishing valuable and SEO-optimized articles, you attract visitors from the search, convert them into subscribers. You can earn money on a blog in different ways: place ads, write paid reviews and earn money on affiliate programs.

Test approaches and techniques that are useful for your work.

A blog is a unique platform for testing ideas. You can try different formats of articles and illustrations, apply new SEO promotion tools, customize WordPress, and so on. A blog is helpful for a copywriter, editor, SEO specialist, and other people who are involved in marketing.

Build a personal brand.

You can be an incredible specialist, but only known within your company. The blog helps to become known to a large circle of people. By publishing expert articles, reviews, and collections of tools, the specialist shows his knowledge and skills. In the future, the blog will become a public resume for employers or a portfolio for customers.

Unload thoughts and structure knowledge.

When you are deeply immersed in a topic, there is too much information. Blogging helps you structure your knowledge and come to an exciting conclusive decision. Or just free your head for new ideas.

Blog as a hobby and an outlet.

Someone develops a blog for work, and for someone, on the contrary, it is an opportunity to switch from work to a favorite business. You can write about needlework, travel, books, kids, or gym classes.

What should I blog about?

Sometimes you want to start a blog, but it’s hard to decide what to write about. So here are a few ideas that we looked at from some bloggers.

Arrange a challenge or take part in a challenge.

If you come up with a challenge or take part in it, you get a few advantages:

  • a precise goal discipline;
  • it’s easier to come up with topics for posts;
  • you keep the readers interested — people are interested in what will happen next.

You can come up with a challenge, 100 things that you need to do in a year. For example, do not shave your beard for six months, take part in the development of the application, and others. By completing the items from the list, you describe the results in articles, sharing your success with other people.

Describe life events in an online diary.

In a blog, you can describe events from your life: personal and professional. The advantages of the diary are that you are not limited to one topic: you can do book reviews, discuss repairs or prepare for emigration. But there are also disadvantages: if you write about everything in a row, it is difficult to find your audience and understand it, since readers will mostly come and go.

To make an online diary enjoyable, you will need your own “trick” — a particular writing style or a personal point of view.

Write reviews of books, programs, cosmetics, work tools.

Reviews as a format for blog articles are convenient: you can always develop a topic for the next post. But it also takes more time: you need to test a product or read a book, take photos and describe your impressions.

How to blog?

You can publish your first article on social networks or on a blog platform at any time: just register, write and click the “publish” button. If you want to know how to create blog, there will be more steps before the first publication.

1. Come up with a name.

The name should be well remembered, and you like it. Then it will be easy for people to find your blog, and it will be pleasant for you to work with it.

2. Select the engine for your blog.

It is more convenient to blog on the engines that are created for this purpose — WordPress.
WordPress has convenient publishing and commenting posts, organizing categories, SEO optimization, and a large selection of templates. If you need help with the installation, it will be easier to find a specialist since WordPress has a large community.

You can choose the engines Drupal, Joomla. But since they are created for other tasks, you will have to make improvements for the blog, such as setting up article categories and displaying added posts. This is not always convenient and requires more programming skills.

3. Buy a domain name and choose a hosting service.

Come up with a domain name and check its availability with the registrars. Next, select hosting. Hosting is a remote server where your blog files will be stored. Sometimes when buying a hosting service, the domain is offered as a gift. Find out in advance so as not to miss the opportunity to save money.

4. Create a blog.

Now you need to install and configure the blog engine. If you have no experience in installation, it won’t be easy to do it yourself. Where to turn for help:

  • watch a YouTube video on setting up your CMS;
  • write to the host;
  • ask for advice from a friend with experience;
  • hire a freelancer.

5. Write and publish your first article.

Choose a topic, plan your article, and write your first post. Before publishing, edit the article, check the logic of the presentation. The report is more convenient to read when it has a clear structure: the title, the introduction, the central part with subheadings, and conclusions.
6. Show the article to your readers.

For a blog post to be seen by people, it needs to be promoted. Post a link to the article on social networks and invite readers to express their opinions and share the article in thematic groups and forums.

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