White iPhone 4 Spotted in the Wild. Owner Explains the Reason Why You Cant Get One Right Now..

Back in July, Apple officially announced that they would be delaying the white iPhone 4 to a non-specific date (sometime later in 2010, according to an email exchange) because they were turning out “to be more challenging to manufacture than [Apple] originally expected”.

No one knew what was so challenging about something so seemingly simple as producing white iPhone 4… until today.

White iPhone 4

Pocket Lint stumbled upon a tastefully dressed man at a New York City press event today who was in possession of a white iPhone 4. They took some scandalous photographs and then went ahead to talk to the person to find out the what, the how and the why

The person first requested anonymity. After being granted namelessness, he responded by saying that Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino were swimming with white iPhone 4s and that a friend of his managed to get him one.

He further informed Pocket Lint that the reason behind the white iPhone 4 delay is that the color of the home button isn’t exactly matching the color of the front face plate.

White iPhone 4

We all know how Steve Jobs is picky with his designs and attention to detail. Apple, in all its perfectionistic wisdom, would of course never let an imperfect product release so easily.

This isn’t the official Apple’s version of the reason behind the delay, but it sure it sounds like a legitimate justification!

Wait a second, what if the white iPhone 4 turns out to be the Verizon iPhone that WSJ was talking about? [via Pocket-Lint]

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