iPhone 4 – Unboxing and Hardware Tour [Video]

Well its here finally! I got my iPhone 4 shipped here the other day and needless to say, the experience so far has been nothing short of spectacular. It’s a factory unlocked version which I got from UK. What this means is that I can use it with any carrier I like, unlike the US version which is tied to AT&T contract.

Apple iPhone 4Yes! this is my new phone – the iPhone 4 !!

Here is my initial unboxing video along with a little hardware tour of iPhone 4. I have compared it size-wise with iPhone 3GS, iPod touch 3G, iPad, Nexus One and HTC HD2. More updates will follow on weekend so stay tuned for that!

Whether iPhone 4 is an incremental improvement, or a game changer? I’m not sure, because honestly I haven’t spent too much time with it to judge that. But one thing which I know thus far is that it is surely worthy of an upgrade over 3GS. In my opinion, with iPhone 4, Apple really has once again set and raised the standard and quality bar! It will now be interesting to see how the competition responds to this.

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