Apple May Have Secretly Cancelled the White iPhone 4 in favor of iPhone 5. And Here is the Reason Why !

Oh, white iPhone 4! How long we have waited for you! From a consumer standpoint, all you needed was white paintjob but after the incessant delay, upon delay upon delay we’ve really just started to lose hope.

White iPhone 4Apple CEO Steve Jobs poses with the white iPhone 4 during the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco, California June 7, 2010.

It was just yesterday when we reported that Apple is delaying the White iPhone 4 to Spring 2011. This came after the July-delay and serves as yet another blow to our fantasies of owning a white version of the popular iPhone 4.

Real Reason: Light Leaks

Cult of Mac reports that the real, actual 100% fo-sho’ reason behind the delay was not the discolored buttons but actually because of “light leaks”. Explanation below:

When the white iPhone 4 takes a photograph, the semi-translucent glass cases leaks extra light into the camera which absolutely ruins photographs. Cult of Mac’s source said, “You don’t get accurate pictures on the white iPhone because of the color of the glass back. It washes out the pictures”. The source also said that Apple might have to do a complete redesign of the white iPhone 4 to deal with the light leaks.

The issue was discovered after a “last minute test” at a secret facility when the white iPhone 4 was used with a third-party case. Apple, of course, wouldn’t let an imperfect phone out (Antennagate is a separate topic, though).

White iPhone 4 Cancelled?

Besides this, BGR has received information that Apple is cancelling the release of the white iPhone 4 all-together. BGR’s source says that there will be another delay in March which would cause the release of the illusive white colored iOS device to interfere with the release of iPhone 5 (or iPhone 4S, whatever). Which would mean that the white iPhone 4 might get replaced with a white iPhone 5.

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