ToiletBuddy Keeps You Entertained In The Loo With Interesting Articles And Facts

While technology, by definition, is meant to solve society’s problems, its proliferation into our daily lives has, arguably, made things more complex than simple. We now spend less time having actual “face time” with our friends and family than we do with technologies like Apple’s FaceTime, Facebook and Twitter (to name a few). We are glued to our smartphones 24/7: constantly looking for information and entertainment, whether it is from checking up on social networks, reading email, texting, playing casual games etc. etc.

I don’t know about you, but this writer considers it pretty difficult to separate himself from his smartphone. It’s with me with all the time: it’s the first thing I use when I wake up, the last thing I use before I sleep and it is there when I go to drop the kids off at the pool (so to speak). It’s a really bad habit that I am trying really hard to shake off these days.

Those of you who aren’t ready to stop using their smartphone for when they make a log entry can check out a new app called ToiletBuddy that is meant to keep you entertained with interesting information while in the loo. Check it out after the jump.

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From Android Market:

Ever find yourself looking for something to read while on the can? With ToiletBuddy, you will have endless trivia and Wikipedia articles at your fingertips! We’ve also created a random Wikipedia feature that only shows you the most popular Wikipedia articles so you know you will only get articles that will be interesting!

We’ve tested ToiletBuddy on-location with a Samsung Galaxy S II on Android 2.3 Gingerbread (which was later sterilized) and can confirm that it works as advertised. When you launch the app, you are presented with a menu from where you can read the most popular articles on Wikipedia, go through random general facts and even facts about the art of pooping.


ToiletBuddy can be safely added to your repertoire of apps to use when there is a full moon over troubled waters. It comes in two versions: the free version only comes with 250 articles and facts while the deluxe version lifts this limitation by updating its database of articles/facts on a daily basis.

  • Download Toilet Buddy FREE for Android [Market Link]
  • Download Toilet Buddy DELUXE for Android [Market Link]

Be sure to let us know what you think of ToiletBuddy in the comments section over on Facebook and Google+ page.

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