This Slow Motion Video Shows How An Apple Watch Ejects Water From Its Speakers

The Apple Watch does a ton of cool things, not least saving lives on more than a few occasions. But did you also know that it can eject water from its insides via its speakers? Maybe not, but even if you did you probably never saw it happen in slow motion.

Now is the time to fix that.

The YouTube channel The Slo Mo Guys has provided hours of entertainment from its many different videos showing various things happening in slow motion. But this is one of the best yet because it shows us what happens when an Apple Watch kicks out water. Water that’s accumulated during swimming, specifically.

Check it out.

Gav goes for a swim and shows off the interesting method in which you can get out of the water and immediately hear your sound alerts on the Apple Watch.

So what’s going on here? It’s all pretty simple – the Apple Watch can be used when you’re swimming and there’s a Water Lock feature just for that. When you’re done with your swim the Apple Watch can then eject any water that has accumulated inside it and it does it by using its own speakers.

Over to Apple:

When Water Lock is on, your Apple Watch Series 2 or later doesn’t respond to touch on its display. This prevents accidental input while you’re in water. When you turn off Water Lock, your watch ejects any water that remains in its speaker.

Water Lock automatically enables itself when you start a swimming workout and when you’re done, it’s time to clear out the water.

Turn the Digital Crown on the side of your Apple Watch until the display says Unlocked. You can rotate the Digital Crown in either direction.
A series of tones plays to clear any water that remains in the speaker, and then you can use your display as usual.

Pretty cool, right? Sure, but not as cool as seeing it happen in slow motion!

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