This Portable Drum Kit Doesn’t Have Any Drums But Might Just Blow Your Mind

The idea of playing drums while you’re walking down the street is something most of us don’t have. But that’s exactly what you could do if you picked up these Bluetooth drumsticks.

Costing $169, these drumsticks wirelessly connect to the PocketDrum app or, if you prefer, Apple’s GarageBand. Use some headphones and nobody will hear a thing – something traditional drums absolutely can’t manage.

The PocketDrum is the perfect solution of professionals and amateurs alike. A Portable, Noiseless, practical pair of drumsticks that allow you to play and practice the drums anywhere you go. The Bluetooth enabled sticks to connect wirelessly to your AeroBand App, which gives you access to a CRASH CYMBAL, CLOSED HI-HAT, BASS DRUM, SNARE, and HIGH TOM, ( Cowbell and more Cymbals to come!).

With something like this the obvious question is whether the latency is low enough for it to feel like you’re actually playing drums. At 6ms it seems so, and there are even vibration motors built into the drums that will make it feel like you’re actually whacking something.

We’re no drum experts, but that does seem like something that’s important.

At 100g per stick and ultimately portable, these drumsticks can go anywhere with you. You’ll probably look a bit strange drumming away on a bus or at your desk, but who cares? You’ll be the one laughing when you’ve made your millions!

You can check the PocketDrum portable drumset out now.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post but we don’t get any commission from sales made on AeroBand’s PocketDrum.

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