This Charger Features 10 USB Ports To Charge All Your Phones And Tablets At Once, Just $22.99 Today

Anker via Amazon is giving you the opportunity to save money on a 10-port charging product which comes highly rated from over 1,500 reviews. The well-designed PowerPort 10 hardware is going to diversify your charging habits and is available right now for just $22.99.

This particular product is part of Anker’s thriving range and is designed to offer power and versatility. The power aspect of it comes not only from the fact that it is essentially a wall charger designed to breathe power into your devices but also the fact that it offers 12-amps output overall and comes with additional built-in technology improvements, such as PowerIQ and VoltageBoost designed to work hand-in-hand to unearth the best possible charging experience. The exposed 10 ports are capable of pumping out 60W of power in total.

The versatility of this hardware is that it only needs to plug directly into one power source but instantly exposes a whopping 10 outlets for other devices to use. This means that you can connect tablets, handheld gaming consoles, cameras, drones, smartphones, and pretty much anything else that needs to be charged directly to this accessory. This means that you immediately have access to uninterrupted, simultaneous multi-device charging without needing to find ten power outlets in the property.

With any product of this nature, it’s also extremely important to consider safety. And, as you might have guessed, Anker has that covered too. The advanced charging safety mechanisms protect against overheating, overcurrent, and offers overload protection to ensure that the accessory itself, as well as connected devices, are safe and free from harm. This all falls under Anker’s MultiProtect system. It’s also possible to leave the PowerPort 10 plugged into the wall socket but to use the simple on/off power switch on the hardware itself to ensure that you stay in control without having to continuously plug and unplug from the power source.

If you are in the market for a device of this nature, complete with built-in safety mechanisms and a 5-foot detachable power cord, then you can pick this up right now using the provided details below.

Buy: Anker PowerPort 10 60W 10-Port USB Wall Charger from Amazon: $22.99 using code ANKERPQ2 | Original price: $40

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