The iPhone Photo Academy Online Course Can Help You Up Your Mobile Photography Game [Review]

As they say, the best camera is the one that is always with you in the pocket. And that is especially true for iPhone as the iPhone has been the go-to camera of not only average joes, but also pro photographers well.

There’s a reason why iPhone has topped Flickr’s most popular camera list for many years in the row now.

Since iPhone is so popular and widely used for daily photography, the dilemma for its users is how to make the photos look even better? This is where online photography courses come in.

Today we are looking at one such option which comes courtesy of iPhone Photography School, providing various different courses to improve your mobile photography game.

iPhone Photography School claims to inspire you so that you go out and shoot, they will also educate you on what your specific camera model can and cannot do, all while entertaining you to keep it all fun and effortless.

The courses offered by iPhone Photography School are as follows:

iPhone Photography School Online Courses

  • iPhone Photo Academy
  • iPhone Editing Academy
  • iPhone Landscape Mastery
  • Capture It All
  • iPhone Art Academy
  • iPhone Photo Masters
  • Digital Camera Mastery
  • Photo Shortcuts
  • Lightroom Editing Mastery

Once you sign into your personal account, you may see the aforementioned courses to choose from, with each one being divided in various different modules for easy layout and reading, having detailed video guides as well as written tutorials.

Each course also has a dedicated sections for Notes and Comments where you can see what other users taking the course are talking about related to same course.

It’s important to note that each course goes into very detail and as such has a price attached to it, meaning you will have to buy each course separately depending on which one has you most interested.

The price of courses range from $99 up to $299 depending on which one you choose to go with. Keep in mind that these are discounted prices as part of massive 80% discount the company is running for limited time. These courses are worth a lot more so these prices seem justified. There’s also an option to pay for a course on 3-month installment should you wish to.

The only thing we wish it had was a subscription model where you could pay a small fee and get access to all courses as long as you had a subscription. Maybe this is something that will be added in future.

All in all, iPhone Photography School’s online courses are worth getting into if you are photography enthusiast, whether pro or casual, and want to up your mobile photography game using just the iPhone.

iPhone Photo Academy

Who is this for exactly?

Now lets take a look at iPhone Photo Academy course. This course is mainly for those who like to take most important photos with their phone. If you are someone who likes to quickly pull out the phone from pocket to shoot exciting or once-in-a-lifetime photos, like a baby’s first steps or a beautiful sunset when you’re out for a walk, it’s important that you know how to use it well. That’s exactly where ‘iPhone Photo Academy’ course comes in. The course goes into detail on how to use your iPhone in every imaginable situation, from portraits to waterfalls.

Course contents:

1. The Essentials of iPhone Camera (8 lessons, 105 minutes)
2. Additional iPhone Camera Features (8 lessons, 113 minutes)
3. The Principles Of Great Photography (8 l., ca. 130m)
4. Creative iPhone Photography Techniques (8 l., ca. 114m)
5. Common iPhone Photography Scenarios (11 l., ca. 159m)
6. Bonus: How to Preserve The Quality Of Your Photos (5 l., ca. 55m)
7. Bonus: Secrets for Managing a Huge Photo Library (5 l., ca. 70m)
8. Photo Analysis (7 long videos, ca. 8 hours)

Is it worth it?

Think of iPhone Photo Academy course as one designed specifically towards beginners. During the length of this course, which in total is around 20 hours long, you will learn basics about iPhone’s camera lens, light, photo composition, shooting techniques, editing and more.

The course is divided into 5 modules, each covering various different photography beginners related topics in great detail. On top of 5 main models, this course also offers 3 additional bonus modules covering topics such as preserving photo quality, managing huge photo library, and photo analysis.

For what this course offers, and given its price, in our opinion it’s worth getting into. It will totally up your iPhone photography game to a whole new level.

Price and how to get it?

This particular course costs just $99, which given its content has no match. Normally it would cost $495 but for limited time, you can grab it for a huge 80% discount here costing just $99.

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