The Best Fast EV Car Chargers For Your Home That Are Worth Checking Out

Here are the best fast EV car chargers for your home use from Autel.

Whether you’re picking up your first electric vehicle (EV) or looking to upgrade an old one, buying a new EV charger can get you faster charge times and more. With so many to choose from it can be difficult to know where to start. But we have your back.

Below are some of the best EV chargers available from Autel today. For those of you who don’t know, Autel is a global company focused on exploring the sustainable development of better people, vehicles, technology, and new energy. In the world’s technology market, Autel has a global presence and is committed to bringing valuable, reliable, and smart products to clients.

With that out of the way, let’s dive in and check out the chargers!

Autel 12kW MaxiCharger Home EV Charger (50A, 240V, Level 2): $499 | Original price: $599

The traditional Level 1 charger has low charging power, a small charging current, and takes a long time. Users often encounter the situation that the car is not fully charged when they need to use the car.

High Speed Charging:

This is where this charger comes in. It offers 240-v charging that is up to seven times faster than a level one charger.

MaxiCharger AC Wallbox is a 240V-50A level 2 smart charger compatible with all EVs and PHEVs with J1772 charge ports. A wide power output range of 6–50A can support various scenarios. A vehicle can gain up to 37 miles of range per hour.

High Weather Resistance

It is very unsafe to require charging in bad weather. The user’s parking lot or garage is often exposed to harsh environments such as rain, snow, and dust, and the protection design level of general charging facilities is not enough. The charging process will generate heat, and traditional charging facilities are not good enough in heat dissipation performance and are often prone to overheating limit charging. Cause the car and the charging to be dirty and malfunction.

This charger is built to US standards with ultra-high protection level of NEMA 4 ensure usage security in complex environments such as rain, snow, and dust. The excellent heat dissipation design makes the working temperature at full-load 10°C lower than the industry average and extends lifespan to 10 years.

Real-Time Notifications and Reporting

Display of real-time charging status, remote charging start and stop, etc. This enables you to know your vehicle status in real-time

Convenient Control via App or RFID

There’s also a mobile app for managing it, too. Remote control of MaxiCharger via app or RFID enables the Autostart feature via app settings allows you to use the charger with ease.

Remote Firmware & OTA (Over-The-Air) Update

You will remotely receive firmware and over-the-air updates to keep your charger always up to date with new features and security fixes.

Intelligent Energy Management

If you have electrical equipment in the home, you will know that there is an overcurrent trip when the quota is exceeded, the electricity consumption time is uneven, a large amount of electricity is used during the peak power consumption of the city grid, and less electricity is used when the electricity consumption of the city grid is low, and the power grid resources cannot be reasonably utilized. This results in waste of electricity.

The Adaptive Load Management feature of this charge can complete charging at a specified time according to user needs. The charging plan will quickly charge when the price of electricity is low, and reduce the amount of charging when the price of electricity is high to achieve the lowest electricity cost. It can make more rational use of grid resources and save electricity costs.

There are some other variants of this 12kW charger, with options for 10kW as well, which are elaborated below.

Comparison Chart

Autel 12kW MaxiCharger Home EV Charger with in-Body Holster (50A, 240V, Level 2): $499 | Original price: $599

Same Level 2 charger as above that comes with a durable 25-ft cable and in-body holster, this charger also has an app and features WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity.

Autel 12kW Home EV Charger (AC Lite 50A): $503 | Original price: 589

This charger packs charging of up to 12kW and 50A to offer up to 37 miles per charging hour. There’s an app with WiFi and Bluetooth support and a long 25ft cable to boot.

Autel 10kW MaxiCharger Home EV Charger 40A: $459 | Original price: $559

10kW Level 2 charging is offered with charging speeds that are up to 9 times faster than 120v Level 1 options. The convenient app lets you manage charging easily, and there is Ethernet connectivity for solid and reliable use, too.

Autel 10kW MaxiCharger Home EV Charger (40A, Level 2): $459 | Original price: $559

10kW Level 2 and suitable for indoor and outdoor installation, this charger comes in a great dark gray finish and has a three-year warranty and 24/7 support thrown in.

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