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Microsoft has just unveiled a new stereo headset for the Xbox One, the features of which will make for a premium in-game and general entertainment experience. But if you already have a headset that you wish to use with your Xbox One rather than buying a whole new one, then the good news is that you can hook it up to your new console by means of a legitimate Xbox One Headset Adapter, which the Redmond is selling separately. Further information can be seen after the break!

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The Microsoft Xbox One should be hitting the market later on this year, and in anticipation of the big release, the Redmond company is doing everything it can to whet the appetites of consumers. We’ve already feasted our eyes on the console’s new design and most of the key accessories, and today, the software maker has released yet another couple of videos allowing us to take a closer look at the new controller and some of the other important Xbox One accessories. The clips are only around 40 seconds long, but give enough of an insight to be deemed a must-watch for any prospective Xbox One owner. You can check the videos out after the break!

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Just as the console wars were beginning to cool down, Microsoft and Sony set about getting everyone hot under the collar by announcing the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. We’re just a little bit giddy about both, and for different reasons, and we know you’re all counting down the days until you can pick your next generation console of choice off the shelves too.

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