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Having a device that becomes obsolete is just no fun at all. Having an old device that doesn’t run the latest versions of the software is bad enough, but not being able to even give the new stuff a try is a real pain in the neck. Plenty of us have old iPhones sat in drawers that could be repurposed for all kinds of things, but chances are they’ve not got iOS 6 on them,let alone iOS 7.

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Keeping up with the latest and greatest releases in the mobile industry can be a very expensive pastime. With each year comes a handful of new releases from each of the biggest tech companies, and if your favorite device happens to be of the Apple persuasion, your costings are as high as they get in the market. So while lots of consumers can count themselves as iPhone users, the vast majority will be in ownership of the older devices – running all the way back to the first couple of generations. Whited00r has long since given these older devices a freshen up, by offering a utility which makes them appear as though they’re running on newer firmware and today, said utility has been updated for iOS 6.

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Starting from iOS 4.0, Apple completely cut off the support for aging original iPhone EDGE and iPod touch first-generation. Their decision of course was justified because of the low RAM found in these first-gen devices which were released back in 2007.

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