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Like most industries, the technology space can sometimes be full of misinformation and false promises, which makes it even more rewarding when companies actually come up with the goods. In an effort to instill the festive feeling amongst the Linux hacking community, Valve has come good on the promise they made earlier this week by making their SteamOS available for all to download.

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Valve’s SteamOS gaming PC operating system may not be ready just yet, but that doesn’t mean that bespoke computer makers around the globe aren’t working on hardware that will be ready to run it when it finally does see a release. British computer builder Piixl is just one of those companies, and it has announced its own entry into the Steam Machine market.

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Valve’s Steam Machine initiative is an interesting one, even if we can’t help but wonder about its longevity. Regardless, anything that shakes up the PC gaming industry is fine by us, and Steam certainly did that. Can the Steam Machines do the same? We’ll have to wait and see.

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