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Sometimes it’s easy to forget that Apple’s iPad isn’t the only tablet in town. The world may sit up and take notice whenever Apple’s announced a new iPad as shown by the latest iPad Air and iPad mini releases, but the same can’t be said about the competition. That’s why that competition often tries to gain notoriety by prodding Apple and sometimes even the people that buy its products. Yes, we’re looking at you Samsung.

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It’s often the case that tech companies use the announcements of a rival to plug a new product or service, and on a day that will see Apple announce its new iPad(s), Mac Pro and more, Nokia has taken the opportunity to showcase its first tablet, which it has named the Lumia 2520. Costing $499 and running on Windows RT 8.1, it is built for the masses, and with a sleek design similar to many of the Finnish outfit’s smartphones, also arrives with a keyboard-enabled smart cover.

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The company might be in the process of being sold to Microsoft, but Nokia isn’t going to sit on its hands and wait for the assimilation to happen. Instead, it’s forging ahead with its new product lineup and perhaps the most interesting new device to be on its way out of Nokia is the Lumia 2520 tablet.

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