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The KIN phone has a really neat looking UI which appeals to quite a a lot of teens out there. Unfortunately though, the KIN didn’t get all the attention which it should have got. And now without having to buy a KIN phone, you can get that same interface on your Windows Mobile based phone as a theme using the KIN Launcher.

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Recently, we informed you about the upcoming Microsoft Kin One and Kin Two phones which are heavy social networking oriented handsets aimed at the social network savvy people. And now according to a leaked email from Verizon, it now looks like that the said phones will be available for pre-order starting from 6th of this month, and will ship on 13th May.

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Remember the invitations which Microsoft sent in a tube like box to people for their “Time to Share” event? The hype is over now, and yet again Microsoft has come up with a new product out of nowhere which people weren’t expecting to be released, the Kin.

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