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iWork for iCloud is now open for everyone to use, even those with an Android smartphone or tablet. With no Apple device requirement to access these apps, the company is now looking to throw in its productivity apps right in there with the rest of the competition. More details to follow right after the jump.

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It seems that Apple is well and truly embracing the beta testing spirit at the moment. Having to internally handle all those pre-release bundles and keeping everything in check is clearly proving too easy for the Apple whizzes as they have now opened up the iWork for iCloud beta to any productivity loving individual who happens to have a valid Apple ID.

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Cloud-based productivity apps have long since been seen as the naturally progressive route of the industry, with Microsoft’s Office 365 having enjoyed a relatively successful launch since first hitting the scene earlier this year. Given how Apple’s flagship cloud service has quickly established itself as a secure, reliable and popular service, it was only a matter of time before iCloud and iWork joined forces in offering another dose of collaborative cloud fare, and the iWork for iCloud beta implementation has just begun rolling out to non-developers.

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