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The 10 hidden secret features of Android M that you likely don’t know about. Google didn’t show these features on stage at their I/O 2015 conference either. Check out our full list.

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Want to enable hidden settings in iOS 8? Being able to play around with the tools and toys that Apple uses when testing iOS devices is often the kind of thing that we can only wish for, but with iOS 8 it has become clear that the iPhone and iPad maker has failed to hide its advanced settings and options as well as it usually does.

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There’s been a significant amount of chit-chat regarding third-party mail apps on the iOS App Store. The original pretender to the throne was the Sparrow app that began life on OS X before being migrated across to iOS and then ultimately snapped up by Google who promptly stopped development of the project. We’ve since had the Mailbox app that managed to generate an interest from millions of users, and more recently, we’ve seen the Mail Pilot offering that may cost a lot but also brings a new way of looking at email in a minimalist and clean interface. I’ve attempted to use all of the above mentioned apps as my primary email clients on the iPhone, but always end up falling back on Apple’s native offering on iOS 6.

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