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Even with Google Glass suffering something of a PR crisis over the last few months, there’s little doubt that the technology is still some of the coolest around. While we have to admit to not being sure where the idea of wearable technology will take us in the coming years, Google should be given credit for being at the forefront of what is possible today.

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Despite its flaws, Google Glass is gaining popularity by the day, and hence, every aspect of life has started taking into account the advent of new technology that didn’t exist earlier. A new app for Google Glass, aimed specifically at drivers, helps you stay awake during long drives in your car, as that’s the dedicated purpose of DriveSafe.

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Google Glass is really starting to grow beyond the cool concept that it was when it first launched, and as more and more Google Explorers get their hands on the device the number of apps available will only continue to grow. Today, Glass owners have been given a few new apps that add some cool features to those already announced yesterday.

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