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The selfie craze is not going away, and if anything, it’s infecting all those who even oppose the idea. This is the age of the selfie, and Samsung has decided to cash in on this craze with the announcement of the Galaxy J5 and J7 smartphones. The devices are part of the Galaxy J lineup of handsets from the Korean giant, but unlike those before them, these two new phones feature a front-facing LED flash for producing some bright selfies under low lighting conditions.

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The fierce competition in the mobile industry is a definite win for the consumer, however, it is particularly annoying that choice of product is almost always defined by the region in which one resides. Some nations seem to have all the luck at times (looks at the United States), but with the Asian OEMs continuing to command large chunks of the smartphone market, more and more devices are built with exclusivity for the likes of Japan, Korea and China. The Samsung Galaxy J, which has just made an appearance in Japan, is like the Galaxy S4, in that it has been given a spectacular spec upgrade on what was supposed to be, or at least what we all thought was the “new” flagship.

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