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Facebook Messenger for iPhone has been updated today with one of our favorite features – Stickers – along with a bunch of other improvements. We’ve got the details on the update along with the download link right after the break.

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The Facebook Home launcher may currently only be available to a select few Android handsets, but some of its features still made it out to other devices via the Facebook Messenger app, which was updated shortly thereafter. While many of you Facebook Messenger for Android users have spent the past week or two enjoying the new Chat Heads implementation, what you might not have stumbled across is the hidden support for those cute, innocuous, meme-like illustrations otherwise known as Stickers; but below, we’re going to show you how you can join in the fun.

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Facebook’s been very busy of late. It launched a Facebook-centric phone with the help of HTC, and it has pushed out all manner of updates for the Android and iOS apps, partly in order to add support for Facebook Home. There’s Chat Heads too, along with the less well publicized addition of the new Facebook Stickers.

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