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Hardcore fans of The Dark Knight trilogy of Batman films by Christopher Nolan will be happy to know that the Blu-ray release of the latest (and last) entry in the series – The Dark Knight Rises – has been officially detailed and confirmed. Details are available after the jump.

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I don’t know about the rest of you, but I happen to enjoy a tale of good overcoming evil and watching the light shine through the darkness as a new dawn begins. My need to see a happy ending means that I tend to watch movies that take the viewer through a roller-coaster ride of emotions that ultimately ends off with a positive ending, which could be partly why I love movie adaptations of comic books so much. One of the biggest movies of this year was undoubtedly The Dark Knight Rises and the release of the new Blue-ray trailer confirms that we should be good for a December 3rd high-definition release onto DVD.

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