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Of all the games to benefit from the smartphone boom, Cut The Rope has emerged triumphant. Despite the App and Google Play Stores both having popularized hundreds of great titles, a few, such as Angry Birds, Tiny Wings and Temple Run stick in the mind as stand-outs, and Cut The Rope must surely be revered among these other modern classics. As has been common knowledge for a while now, the sequel, appropriately entitled Cut The Rope 2, is incoming, and today, the first official game play trailer has been released.

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Apple’s iOS is certainly not short of success stories when it comes to turning little known developers into household names. We perhaps wouldn’t put ZeptoLab into the same bracket as the likes of ngmoco, but it certainly knows how to make a good iPhone and iPad game. With Cut the Rope, ZeptoLab showed that big games can come from arguably small premises.

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Since Apple first introduced the App Store as part of its assault on the smartphone market, there’s been a handful of apps and games which have come up, and never really gone away.

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