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Despite having a redesigned antenna, it seems like iPhone 4’s “antennagate” isn’t over it. After taking it through their regular test, iLounge has discovered that the CDMA based iPhone 4 on Verizon suffers from the same antenna issues that plagued the original GSM iPhone 4, which was launched back in June last year.

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Now that Verizon iPhone 4s have started being delivered all across the United States, it was only a matter of time before the guys over at iFixit took one to pieces. Now they have, they’ve made an interesting discovery.

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Verizon’s iPhone has been a huge success and has already broken Verizon’s all-time sales records in just 2 hours. Earlier today, we shared a commercial of Verizon iPhone which takes on AT&T’s network problems. However, we did mention an upside of sticking to AT&T, which was 3G data and voice at the same time.

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