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In the last week or so, we have seen a number of developers release their work onto the Cydia store that exists to offer an alternative implementation of Apple’s native multitasking experience. A standard installation of iOS allows a user to double tap the Home button to invoke a switcher tray along the bottom of the screen which holds the icons of the currently backgrounded apps.

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Ever wondered how could you get the famous Aero Glass experience on your Windows XP machine? komalo of deviantArt has released a skin for Windows XP users called Border Skin which will give you Aero Glass UX from Windows 7 and Vista right on your PC running Windows XP.

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Google Chrome looks as good on XP as it does on Vista. I like the blue title bar that shows up for Chrome in XP. I had been wondering how to get that theme in Windows Vista as well. If you use the Vista Basic theme, you can use Chrome with the blue theme in […]

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