Some Lighter PS5 Consoles Have Started To Ship In Australia

Just as some countries are seeing price increases for the PlayStation 5, including Australia, one new report notes that the country now has lighter PS5 consoles than it did before.

A new report by Press Start, an Australian gaming site, claims that the disc version of the PS5 now weighs 3.9kg (8.6 pounds) whereas the previous model weighed 4.2kg (9.2 pounds.)

The digital version also saw a similar weight reduction, this time of 13%. It isn’t immediately clear where the weight reduction comes from, but it seems likely that the revised models have lighter heatsink technology.

We can only hope that doesn’t mean that the new machines will get hotter than their heavier counterparts.

According to Press Start this is how the weight specs stand right now:

Launch: Disc: 4.5kg / Digital: 3.9kg
2021 Revision: Disc: 4.2kg / Digital: 3.6kg
2022 Revision: Disc: 3.9kg / Digital: 3.4kg

Sony recently increased the price of the PS5 by anything up to 21% depending on the country it is being sold in, claiming that the move was required given the current rate of global inflation.

Given the fact that people have been trying, and often failing, to buy a PS5 for the last couple of years, this price hike will be a shame for those who would have bought at the original price had they been given a chance to.

(New CFI-1202A Disc Model)

(New CFI-1202B Digital PS5)

The price increase took place in the UK, Japan, China, Australia, Mexico, Canada, and Europe with the Japanese being hit the worst with that 21% hike.

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