Skyfire Browser for iPhone Approved, Flash is Finally Coming to iOS Devices!

Skyfire, which is already available for Android, Symbian and Windows Mobile (WP7) has been approved for Apple’s App Store.

Skyfire for iPhone

The browser is known among its users for its brilliant Flash-to-HTML5 support. It’s not really a browser though, as it is simply a plugin that runs atop Safari.

What Skyfire does is, when you click on playable Flash content (videos only), the video is transcoded to HTML5 by Skyfire’s servers and then sent to your phone. The transcoding is done to ensure that  a. the videos download minimum amount of data b. battery life does not get trashed.

This, while not native flash, gives you the ability to watch videos from sites like Metacafe, National Geographic etc. which may not have native video apps. “Millions” of websites with video flash content are now going to be accessible from iOS devices. Hulu has blocked Skyfire from their servers, though. If you want to use Hulu on iOS, you’ll have to pay $10/month with Hulu Plus.

Skyfire will be available for download at 9AM ET on Thursday for a price of $2.99. [via CNN Money]

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