Samsung Shares Its Galaxy S III Design Story [VIDEO]

Keen to show the world, or maybe just Apple’s lawyers, that the company offers more than just a carbon copying facility for smartphones, Samsung has released a rather artistic video showing off what it calls the design story of the Galaxy S III.

While watching the video does evoke something of an Apple vibe, Samsung takes the opportunity to wheel out the people behind various aspects of its latest Android flagship phone, with the Galaxy S III being the result of the hard work of more than a few hardware and software designers. The video gives a voice to just a few, and offers an insight into what goes on behind Samsung’s closed doors when the Koran giant is working to bring a new handset to market.

Despite Apple’s claims that the phones pushed out by Samsung are simply iPhone knock-offs, it is clear that there is some very real work going on at Samsung, with hardware design, software experiences and emotional experiences at the heart of what the company hopes will give the Galaxy S III the edge in an already crowded smartphone market.

The video takes us on a tour of the design process, beginning with the story that Samsung jumped through more than a few hoops to try and make the Galaxy SIII’s handset as unique as possible, with that Hyperglaze coating at the heart of it all.

Samsung takes us through to process of creating the TouchWiz software, too, with the revelation that some of the operating system’s sound effects actually came from such things as orange juice being poured into a glass. Flowing milk and yogurt were also used, apparently, in an attempt to make the audio as natural as possible. Odd, possibly, but interesting news regardless!

The five minute video is well worth a watch for any smartphone fan, though unfortunately you’ll need to follow along with the subtitles if you don’t speak Korean. There’s some nice music to keep your ears entertained, though.

Samsung is currently locked in yet another battle with Apple and its fleet of lawyers, and the company is certainly eager to show that it comes up with its own smartphone ideas, rather than copying those of the competition.

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