RyujiNX Nintendo Switch Emulator For Windows Brings Switch Games To PC, Sort Of

We absolutely love the Nintendo Switch here at RP, and if Nintendo’s sales are anything to go by then there is a very good chance that you do too.

Following on from the abysmal failure that was the Nintendo Wii U, the Switch has brought Nintendo back to the fore, giving it a platform that while not as technically advanced as the Xbox One or PS4, is more than capable of going toe-to-toe with them for good old fashioned enjoyment.

If you don’t own a Switch though, you have some good news to enjoy thanks to the world of emulation and while you shouldn’t expect to be playing Zelda or Mario Kart any time soon, we do now at least have a working emulator that can play some Nintendo Switch homebrew games on a PC.

This is all made possible by an emulator called RyujiNX, and it’s all very impressive indeed.

Now admittedly, being able to play commercial Nintendo Switch games remains beyond this emulator’s capabilities, but that’s nothing to be ashamed of. Performance is a little hit and miss as well, but for something that is just beginning to gather real traction after a year’s work, things are looking rosy, certainly more-so than they were not too long ago.



It is a Nintendo Switch Emulator programmed in C#; unlike most emulators that are created with C++ or C.
This emulator aims to offer good performance, a friendly interface, and consistent builds.

Currently only available for Windows, RyujiNX is technically supported on both Linux and macOS, although difficulties in compiling the emulator for either platform will likely prevent anyone from doing the work required to make it run.
RyujiNX is not the only emulator around right now, with another one also offering similar benefits and limitations, including the inability to play “real” games

This will all likely change in time, but right now the only way to play the big titles is to get a Nintendo Switch and, really, why don’t you already have one?

To get started with RyujiNX, visit its GitHub page here.

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