PurpleSmoke Exploit For iOS 11.2.x Has Been Released, Here’s What You Need To Know

The iOS jailbreak community is an extremely interesting place. If you actually manage to dig through the toxicity and drama you actually have an extremely passionate community filled with hope.

That fire of hope has now been fuelled by PurpleSmoke; an announced work-in-progress designed to apparently break “the security of iOS 11.2 up to 11.3”, at least initially.

Without trying to inject too much excitement into the already confused jailbreak community, Twitter user MTJailed, who has previously been responsible for putting together the MTerminal Jailed project, has put together the PurpleSmoke repository on GitHub designed to try and break the security of Apple’s iOS platform. However, a follow-up post on the subject has confirmed that the project is very unlikely to support iOS 11.3 due to Apple patching the vulnerability used in macOS, and likely iOS 11.3:

Alright, according to siguza it was patched in the macOS version that came out the same day as 11.3, I think iOS 11.3 won’t be supported and made a huge mistake thinking it would be.

The project itself was last updated approximately 24 hours ago, with the commit log suggesting the addition of the kernel exploit. The latest information from the developer would suggest that iOS 11.3 definitely will not be supported by this vulnerability and the work that has been undertaken with PurpleSmoke but that should still give the community some hope as we have an exploit here that should be good for iOS 11.2.6 and below.

With that said, it’ll be extremely interesting to see how this progresses and if the necessary individuals with the requisite experience and skillset pick up this work and turn it into a functional jailbreak for the general public community.

Given the mood of the community and the negativity that is already surrounding this discovery, it would seem unlikely at this stage that anyone would actually want the hassle of picking up this project and spend time turning it into something beneficial to the community. But, like we all already know, stranger things have definitely happened in this community. So, with that in mind, stay tuned to see how this one develops, and while you are at it, stick to iOS 11.2.6 or below to see how this one develops because if you upgrade to iOS 11.3 or the latest iOS 11.3.1, there’s no going back as Apple is no longer signing any firmware below iOS 11.3.

(Source: GitHub)

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