Research Reveals That The Average Consumer Prefers A Smartphone With A 4-inch And Above Screen Size

If you are the type of person who listens to the age old ‘size does matter’ saying, then chances are that you spend most of your life walking around feeling inferior to those around you. General society has this belief that bigger is always better, in every situation, all of the time which in most circumstances I would strongly disagree with. However, if you are to believe the research carried out by Strategy Analytics then it would appear that bigger is indeed better when it comes to mobile devices.

Phone Size

In a rather unscientific poll, Strategy Analytics took a sample of users from the United States and United Kingdom and presented them with a range of prototype devices ranging in size and form. Ninety percent of the individuals were more inclined towards a device which featured a much larger screen size than the one which they were currently using as their primary device for day to day use. Although the size varied, it generally began at the four inch mark and rose up to the 4.5-inch size mark.

It would also appear that when it comes to their gadgets, men seem to like them bigger than their female counterparts. Size preferences definitely fluctuated between the sexes, and more interestingly between the operating systems on the device. Android users admitted to wanting a bigger screen size on their smartphone, while current iPhone owners were happy with their lot, or choosing only a relatively small size increase. The overall verdict however, seemed to be that the majority of smartphone fans and users would like to see a range of phones being released that do feature a larger screen real estate.

4S Note Streak

The research has also found that users want to have their cake and eat it, as you would expect from a demanding industry. While showing that they want screen size increased, they don’t want other areas of the handset to be infringed upon, wanting it to be a slim as possible. The desire to have a larger screen could possibly be born from the fact that smartphones are fast becoming the normal way for individuals to consume high-definition media such as videos and TV programs. It stands to reason that if devices such as the iPhone or Galaxy Note are being used for media playback, then consumers would require a bigger screen.

On a personal level, I can’t really subscribe to this bigger is better way of thinking. Being a regular iPhone user I am used to the consistent display size that we have seen over the years, and the clarity of the Retina display more than makes up for any lack of screen real estate. Regardless of my personal opinions, the research would seem to clearly indicate that there is a target audience for device manufacturers to produce bigger and better screens on their smartphones.

(via BusinessWire)

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