Renders Show Rumored Space Black iPhone 7 With Lightning EarPods, Capacitive Home Button

When Apple announces the iPhone 7 in a couple of months, rumors claim that a new black version of the hardware will be available. As fans of the slate/black iPhone 5 will attest, there’s nothing better than a stealth iPhone when it comes to looking awesome, so the thought of an iPhone 7 following the same path has us intrigued.

As it turns out, it has designer Martin Hajek intrigued too, because he has created a fresh batch of renders that not only show a Space Black iPhone 7, but also a device with a flush, touch-sensitive Home button for those that hope Apple will bring such a thing to fruition this year.


As if that wasn’t enough, the renders also depict what everyone on the internet is talking about right now – Lightning-based EarPods.

Apple is rumored to be getting ready to ditch the headphone port in favor of a thinner body that would require users either connect their earphones via Bluetooth, or plump for something with a Lightning connector. There will likely be adapters that can be bought to allow legacy earphones to be used, but Apple is expected to ship a Lightning connector-quipped pack of EarPods in the box so users have something to use on day one. The render includes a pair of black EarPods, presumably to match the black iPhone we are spending so much time lusting over.

Here’s what Lightning EarPods may look like Space Black finish:


Concept render of the rumored Space Black iPhone 7’s matching black Lightning EarPods 

As for that Home button, Hajek’s concept depicts a flush button that is actually a capacitive button rather than a physical one. That could theoretically allow for a thinner iPhone – something Apple seems determined to achieve if the rumors are to be believed.


The rumored touch-sensitive Home button

Whatever Apple announces in September, if it looks anything like these renders, then we are in. We’ll have a 256GB Space Black iPhone 7 please, Mr Apple Store Employee.

(Source: Martin Hajek)

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