Reasons Why A Premium IPTV Solution Is A Viable Option For Operators

Here are reasons why a premium IPTV solution is a viable option for operators, complete with details that you may need to know about it.

The advancing 21st century has also brought along the rise of various mediums of entertainment. As better technology upgrades have enabled, the use of internet services has become widely popular in almost every field. The introduction of OTT and its popularity has been evident in recent times. It has even threatened the survival of the IPTV medium. The platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and many more have supported this fact. However, as the saying goes, “It isn’t over till it is over.”

The option of IPTV solutions for operators has seen a rise in the last couple of years. In the year 2019, the market size of IPTV was valued at around 40 billion 2019. This is still expected to grow at a CAGR of around 7% in the span of 2020 to 2027. There are several reasons why premium IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) is advantageous for operators over OTT (Over The Top) platforms. Discussed below are some of them.


Any consumer will choose a service that offers better quality. The advancing technology has put forward the priority of quality. Good quality and buffer-free video streaming is the need of the hour. As the cost of internet services has declined, a preference for OTT services in competition with IPTV has grown substantially. Despite this fact, IPTV services have managed to keep an edge in the market due to their superior quality management features.

IPTV service offers a buffer-free service since the whole process is managed by the operator over his/her own CDN. As the world has advanced, the quality of streaming services has become a concerning matter.

The IPTV consists of a packet switching procedure that encodes the video into a number of small pieces of data. These are transmitted to a set-top box or a computer. Since this process is managed by an operator in the IPTV service, it allows the person to prioritize the data packets as per need. This ensures a consistent bandwidth throughout, thereby preventing any drop in the video quality.

User-end Experience

The users choose a service that has better establishment and which offers better services to their end. Although the growth in the number of OTT platform users is on a high tide, the services offered by IPTV solutions are still far ahead. Unlike the OTT platforms, the live channels offered by IPTV are far better in functionality. The buffer-free services are enhanced by features such as record and store locally, series lining, and many such features. You may visit this website for these services.

When these features are combined with an ECG and used in alignment with data analytics, they could act as great tools for marketing purposes. Further, IPTV also gives a better mix of content ranging from live sports and events. Even though the OTT platforms are gaining their hold on these rights, the well-established IPTV can easily get these rights at lower costs.


An OTT service will always be governed by a third party. There is no control of the streaming service provider on the video provided. Today, net neutrality has become a burning issue. In such times, the presence of third-party service providers used in OTT platforms makes them more questionable. The IPTV services on the other hand are totally governed by the operator. Consumers would prefer a service that has stable streaming without any conflicts of functionality.

Offers the Best of Both Worlds

Today, the need for more and better services is growing. OTT platforms have gained followers due to their live streaming platforms such as Amazon and Netflix. However, an essential pro of the IPTV solution is its ability to provide these services sufficiently well. The Pay-TV service providers can easily provide app-based access to subscription devices. It is possible for operators by managing their own EPG. The rise in these OTT services is bound to open ways for better IPTV services with additional features.


OTT services have gained significant recognition over the last couple of years. The rise in OTT services such as Amazon, Netflix, and many more supported the growing preference. However, the up-gradation of IPTV solutions has countered this competition in a significant manner. With the premium Pay-TV options that offer services similar to and better than OTT platforms, IPTV services have seen good growth.

The features of better stability, and quality have made the service a go-to option for the public.

Despite the tough competition offered by OTT platforms, it is predicted that the IPTV sector will see a rise of about 7% in the coming few years. Looking at the near future demands, the IPTV sector is about to reach its peak subscription value, leading the edge over OTT service platforms. Such features make IPTV a viable alternative in the present times.

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