PUBG Mobile Keyboard And Mouse Usage: Is It Considered Cheating?

If you are the type of individual who loves to get involved in popular FPS shooters, such as the incredibly popular PUBG Mobile, but are also highly competitive and can’t imagine a gaming experience where you don’t come out on top, then you’ve likely considered adding some peripherals into the equation to enhance your expertise.

But, in the eyes of the masses, would this be considered cheating?

First of all, it’s difficult to argue against the fact that Tencent Mobile has an internal phenomenon on its hands. The original PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game on PCs and Xbox One was highly successful, with that success prompting Tencent to take the game to mobile. The usage of the game on mobile has literally skyrocketed since its arrival on iOS and Android platforms. The desire for the game was driven even higher when players found out it was originally restricted to download in China.

Given how many daily players the game has now after its global release, does connecting a keyboard or mouse, or even a gaming controller, give some an unfair advantage and remove the level playing field on mobile?

In short, yes, it clearly does! The controls of PUBG Mobile are fiddly and somewhat complicated. The mobile screen is small by design and there is a lot packed onto that display. Gamers can move in all directions, crouch, jump, fire weapons, switch between weapons, and even toggle in-games menus on and off.

It’s not difficult to understand why some mobile gamers have difficulty getting to grips with the control and playing the game efficiently. The saving grace is that all PUBG Mobile gamers are supposed to be on a level playing field and have the same restrictions. However, as we all should know, some gamers are more hardcore than others and will go to any length necessary to get an upper-hand, including using additional accessories, even if they require some sorts of hacks.

Unfortunately, it’s likely that there is no real way to stop these competitive gamers from actually connecting a keyboard and mouse in order to have more efficient control over their character, especially if they are on Android given the openness and easy modding nature of the platform. That means that everyone within the PUBG Mobile universe will have to accept that some people are going to have a competitive edge over them.

Would this be classed as cheating? To most, yes, but there’s nothing that that can be done about it.

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