iOS 11.3 Jailbreak: Here’s What iPhone And iPad Users Need To Know

As you may know by now, Apple has officially pushed out iOS 11.3 into the public domain. The release means that compatible iPhone and iPad owners all over the globe can start downloading and installing Apple’s latest mobile firmware, but it also means that jailbreak fans are starting to passionately query where they stand as far as this latest iOS 11.3 firmware is concerned.

The first thing to note here is that we have yet to see anything official released into the jailbreak community as far as iOS 11.3 final version is concerned.

Granted, iOS 11.3 has been in a pre-release state for quite a while, meaning that it’s simply not an intelligent path to walk for researchers and developers to burn exploits or vulnerabilities pertaining to a version of firmware which is still in test. So, some of the most progressive individuals in the community could be sitting on something big ahead which will come out now that iOS 11.3 is final, but that’s currently unknown as we haven’t had any official insight into that, yet!

With that said, we do already know that Abraham Masri – who has previous form in the jailbreak community – has discovered what he was calling a “0day” vulnerability in earlier pre-release beta versions of iOS 11.3. Under normal circumstances, the release of a “0day” would cause the community to throw their collective hands up in the air in order to celebrate one of the major parts of a jailbreak being achieved.

However, this time around, even Masri himself conceived that it may not be particularly useful in its current form but that it could be useful going forward if put into the right hands, and when combined with other exploits. There’s no word yet on if anyone has taken up that challenge or is actively working towards that goal.

Right now, iOS 11.1.2 is the last public jailbreakable firmware, and with iOS 11.3 now public, device owners are running out of time to use FutureRestore to move back to iOS 11.1.2 for jailbreak purposes, provided they meet certain requirements given iOS 11.1.2 is no longer being signed by Apple now. This is because with iOS 11.3 now out in public, it’s only a matter of time before Apple stops signing iOS 11.2.6 – which happens to be the last firmware whose SEP is compatible iOS 11.1.2 (a requirement for using FutureRestore). You can read more on that situation here.

With iOS 11.3 now out in the public domain, it means that researchers and individuals in the jailbreak community can start to be more public about anything that they are working on due to the fact that the firmware is final and cannot be patched unless a new version is released. It’s for that reason that we hope we start to see more concrete information filter out into the public domain.

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