PS5 Controller May Be Backwards Compatible With PS4, Adaptive Triggers Detailed

The PlayStation 5 controller may be backwards compatible with the PS4, suggests a new leak. The information was spotted on the French variant of the PlayStation website under what was meant to be a comparison between the PS4 and PS4 Pro.

Under “DualShock Compatibility,” the page in question refers to a new “DS5” controller alongside the current-gen DS4. While Sony itself hasn’t yet confirmed a name for the next-gen controller, it is safe to assume that this is the DualShock 5 controller that will ship with the PS5. If that is so, it seems the new controller will be compatible with both flavors of the PS4 as well.

The information provided doesn’t, however, clarify whether or not the PS4 will be able to enjoy the DS5’s new capabilities, namely its fancy new adaptive triggers.

Speaking of adaptive triggers, a new Sony patent application filed with the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) offers examples for how the innovative new feature may be employed coupled with haptic feedback. One talks about how the new pressure-sensitive triggers may be used to offer an additional level of control over a player’s interaction with the environment, such as controlling grip strength while climbing a vertical surface.

The gamepad is tilted toward grips on the vertical surface, and the user pulls the corresponding left or right trigger to grasp the next grip. If you pull too lightly, the character won’t be able to hold on and will fall. If you pull too strongly on the trigger, the grip might damage and break off. The grip strength can vary per grip. The left or right vibration can impart to the user the state of the grip along with visual cues etc.

Another example talks about the varying levels of resistance that the adaptive triggers may impart while cutting through different surfaces with an electric saw, offering greater immersion.

You pull the trigger to activate the saw and start cutting into the object. A force is applied back against the motion of the trigger that depends on the material of the object – wood might impart small resistive force, stone might impart strong resistive force.

The applications detailed, if implemented as such, would make the controller’s new capabilities more than mere gimmicks. Of course, for players to experience the greater control and immersion on offer, games will have to be made to take advantage of the new hardware.

(Via: IGN, ResetEra)

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