Pryme Vessyl Is A Smart Cup That Tracks Your Water Intake [Video]

Turns out that people like to measure as much information about themselves as they can, as evidenced by the plethora of fitness trackers that are on the market and the health related features that are part of just about every smartwatch on the planet. Knowing whether you are taking enough exercise during the day is an important metric for some people, but there are other things that can be measured as well.

One of those data points is the amount of water that we are drinking, with hydration particularly important if you are also partaking in that exercise thing we just mentioned. Knowing whether you are getting enough fluids can be an important factor in a person’s well-being, and we already have bottles like the HidrateMe smart bottle that aims to keep tabs on water intake, but we always like competition here at RP, so the Pryme Vessyl smart cup caught our attention.


Costing $99 and usable not just with water but hot drinks as well, the cup holds 16 ounces of liquid and comes with the sensors required to keep track of when its owner takes a drink of whatever is inside it. That drinking progress is represented by a blue line on the cup’s side, and the data can be synced with both Jawbone UP and Apple’s own Health app. Those who like to track all of these things will be pleased to know that the data doesn’t just disappear, and can be collated for further use down the line.

While tracking water intake is still very much a niche market and not everyone will want to spend nearly $100 on a cup, the Pryme Vessyl is one option that people might want to check out if they’re in the market for such a thing. You can never have enough choice in this world.


Pryme Vessyl can be ordered from or from the Apple website. The smart cup is also being kept in stock at certain Apple Stores within the US and Canada.

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