How To Speed Up Your Old Android Phone And Make It Feel Like Brand New

As companies release more and more technology it becomes increasingly difficult for consumers to keep up and actually continue to support and purchase that tech. There’s a common trend amongst gadget fans that sees them take every opportunity possible to upgrade to the latest smartphone or tablet when the likes of Apple or Samsung push to market with an alarming twelve month regularity. All well and good if you can afford that type of purchase every year, but not great if you can’t, which is why more and more individuals are sticking with their smartphone for longer periods.

Choosing to stick with a specific device for maybe two, or even three years, certainly has it positives. It saves money. It breeds familiarity, and it can often induce brand loyalty. However, there’s the very real downside of the fact that he hardware becomes old, stale, and can provide a detrimental user-experience when new versions of the underlying OS are released. Step forward Super Touch, a free-to-download and use Android application that can fine-tune the user experience on older Android-powered devices and make them feel like new again, by tweaking the GPU chip.


One of the most appealing aspects of Super Touch is that it comes with no user onboarding or educational requirements whatsoever. Those interacting with the app aren’t required to have an intricate knowledge of the technical aspect of the device. Nor are they required to have an understanding of hardware performance or how to root the device. None of that is required. In fact, Super Touch is so user friendly that it really only requires the user to manually slide a toggle within the app to change the performance levels of the device. Of course, even though the UI and experience is extremely simple, there’s a lot of complexity going on behind the scenes that is abstracted away from the end-user.


The developers of the app are essentially using the slider within the main interface as a gateway to toggle the performance of the integrated GPU under-the-hood. Depending on the criteria selected, the GPU is forced to work that little bit harder to render graphics quicker and provide what appears to be a quicker and more responsive experience on the older hardware. It is worth noting however that all of those performance increments do come with a potential negative impact on the battery life of the device. So be warned.


Super Touch can be downloaded for free right now, and is compatible with all Android devices running Android 3.0 and above. Additionally do check out the instructions in the app description on the optimum settings for different hardware, to get the best results on your device.

(Download: Super Touch for Android on the Play Store)

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