Philips Hue Sync App For Mac And PC Lets You Sync Your Lighting To Games, Music, Videos

Philips is looking to take its range of intelligent Hue lights to the next level. After updating its native iOS and Android apps to version 3.0, the electronics company has now released what it’s calling ‘Philips Hue Sync‘ apps, available for PC and Mac, which can create immersive lighting experiences.

According to Philips, the new PC and Mac apps will allow users to sync existing Hue lights within a home to music, movies, and games in order to create what the company is calling a more “immersive experience.”

In order to achieve this effect, the new apps will be designated with the responsibility of creating scripts for Hue lights which also uses samples from visuals on the app Philips’ own smart color algorithms to ensure that the selected lights are matched with the on-screen content.

The company is hoping that this will immediately make the whole media experience a lot more immersive and enjoyable as the environment is changing around them in tune with the media.

Where movies and games are concerned, this is relatively self-explanatory. However, for music, things are slightly different in the fact that the app will match the lights to the beat and type of song that is playing. This is all done in real-time meaning that the app will match the music of any genre with dynamic lighting effects in the hope of, once again, creating an immersive audio and visual experience.

All of those features will also offer a certain level of control which will allow the user to customize the experience to their needs through amending brightness level of bulbs as well as being able to actually control the color palette.

The whole experience relies on the user creating a new entertainment area with selected bulbs in the latest edition of the iOS and Android Hue apps. That entertainment area can include all Hue bulb types – as long as they are capable of generating and changing color – and can handle up to 10 individual lights. It’s also worth noting that Philips is working on releasing a collection of external Hue bulbs, which could mean that even your outdoors area could have an immersive light show when you’re inside playing the latest Call of Duty.

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