Nintendo Switch Homebrew Hack For Firmware 3.0.0 Arrives Via Pegaswitch

Team Reswitched has announced that Pegaswitch has been through a recent update process to include and support user-mode execution of Nintendo Switch firmware 3.0.0.

That may all sound overly technical and full of jargon to the layman, but the crux of the situation is that creating, running, and executing homebrew apps and experiences on Nintendo Switch 3.0.0 is now possible thanks to the latest update to Pegaswitch.

The release of Pegaswitch in its latest incarnation was announced by hacker Daeken, who is an active and prominent member of the Team Reswitched. The release does indeed mean that homebrew is immediately possible on Nintendo’s Switch hardware running firmware version 3.0.0, which is great, but it also means that it is currently limited uniquely to that version of the firmware. Anyone who has upgraded beyond that will need to sit patiently until additional investigation and research are carried out to take Pegaswitch to the next level.

Conversely, anyone who is actually on a firmware version on Nintendo Switch below 3.0.0 is being advised to grab a copy of the Pokken Tournament DX title and update the firmware version directly from the cartridge to 3.0.0. That is currently the only known possible way to achieve those results and put yourself on firmware 3.0.0 on Nintendo Switch.

The question that actually needs to be asked is if it is actually worth making that investment in Pokken DX just to be able to upgrade to version 3.0.0 when there is a distinct lack of any homebrew software or experiences currently available for Nintendo Switch?

The same hacker has previously been able to compile and load the 1993 smash-hit DOOM on the Nintendo Switch, and there has been the talk of full kernel access on Switch firmware version 3.0.0, but the current landscape is hardly a thriving smorgasbord of activity and wonderfully rich and unique experiences.

Developer and hacker Plutoo has made intentions clear that he is actively working on this particular firmware version, but nobody actually knows what fruits that will wield just yet. Additionally the developers behind RetroArch have also chimed in with the word that they will be trying to get RetroArch on the Switch.

Whether or not anyone will actually care about this, or will invest the finances and time needed to get onto version 3.0.0, will largely depend on the development talent who takes up the challenge of creating some homebrew for the Switch.

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