Night Shift In iOS 9.3 Beta 5: Here’s What Has Changed

With the ongoing beta releases of the upcoming iOS 9.3, Apple has been tweaking various aspects of the update, not least the highly anticipated Night Shift feature. While not quite a marquee addition that will get people to rush out and buy a new smartphone, Night Shift is an important addition to iOS and one that Mac users have been enjoying for some time thanks to the third-party F.lux application. With iOS 9.3 beta 5, Apple has once again changed a few aspects of how Night Shift works and is presented to the user.

For those out of the loop, Night Shift is Apple’s new iOS 9.3 addition that can change the color temperature of an iPhone or iPad’s display in order to make it warmer during the evenings. That, according to science, is better on the eyes and could potentially make for better sleep and less eye fatigue. Apple added Night Shift in the early iOS 9.3 betas and has been changing aspects of it ever since.


This latest round of changes includes the fact that iOS will now no-longer activate Night Shift if the device is already running in Low Power Mode. We’re not really sure why that is, and it’s one decision that we can only hope Apple will reverse or was simply introduced as a bug that can be quashed. Time will tell on that front.


Moving to Control Center, tapping the Night Shift icon/toggle now no longer pops up a pair of options labelled “Turn On For Now” and “Turn On Until Tomorrow” and instead, tapping the icon will simply turn Night Shift on until a trigger as part of a predefined schedule turns it off. A new “Manually Enable Until Tomorrow” setting has also appeared in the Settings app, essentially giving Control Center and Settings the exact same features and options.


Apple has also altered some of the wording in the Settings app, with the temperature slider’s labels now changed from “Cooler” and “Warmer” to “Less Warm” and “More Warm.” Not exactly huge changes, but changes nonetheless.

Apple’s fifth iteration of the iOS 9.3 beta has been in the hands of developers and public beta testers for a couple of days now and initial reports seem positive. With Apple expected to announce a new iPhone and possibly a new iPad in the next couple of weeks, it’s likely iOS 9.3 will also see a full, public release around that time. For that reason, we wouldn’t be surprised if beta 5 is the last beta version of iOS 9.3 we receive.

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