Mophie Juice Pack Helium Battery Case For iPhone 5 Announced [VIDEO]

As the features of our mobile devices have continued to advance and improve over the past few years, the performance levels of the batteries therein have certainly dwindled. Gone are the times when one could use a phone for days on end without consulting a charging dock or cable, and although the ability to tweet, Instagram, e-mail and game on-the-fly is something we all enjoy to varying degrees, battery retention levels have forgone as a result. For those who cannot live with the ~24 hour battery life of the smartphone, help is at hand from a variety of sources, and one company – Mophie – has come through with a slick, light and elegant battery pack for the iPhone 5.

Everybody would love to increase their device’s battery life, but with so many of the market’s accommodating peripherals adding significant amounts of bulk to a handset’s form factor, many prefer to simply grin and bear it. But Mophie, whose Helium Juice Pack is just about to go on sale, has sought to preserve the thin and light credentials of the Cupertino’s treasured smartphone, allowing consumers a better standard of battery without the burden of significant weight thrown on.

Mophie iPhone 5

It provides "insulated, edge-to-edge protection" according to the product description, increasing total battery life by an impressive 80%. While sometimes it’s just nice to have that little bit of extra juice on board, often it’s vital, and although the $79.95 price tag is somewhat steep, I cannot recall a battery pack looking as neat and sleek as Mophie’s.

Another gripe with battery cases (and larger cases in general) is that the grooves corresponding to the hardware buttons and connection ports tend not to be cut out properly, or have not been adequately considered. However, the headphone space looks sufficient, and the volume / silent toggle, sleep / wake buttons look easily accessible.


So, if you’ve felt a bit let down by your iPhone 5’s battery retention, the Helium Juice Pack from Mophie looks a great solution. It’s thin, it’s light, it looks good, and will provide you with that extra wave of battery when you most need it.

You can purchase yours right now by heading over to the Mophie website.

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