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Mophie, the king of additional power packs and fancy cases with batteries built into them, has announced another new product today, swelling its iPhone lineup.

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Let’s be honest here; if you are a proud owner of the fantastic HTC One smartphone then the chances are that you have it in your life because you not only love what the technical features that it offers, but also appreciate how beautiful and sleek the Taiwanese company have made the One. Mophie – the company behind the extremely popular Juice Pack accessory – have clearly understood the appeal with the HTC One and have brought their usual battery extending excellence to the device with the release of the HTC One compatible Juice Pack.

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As the features of our mobile devices have continued to advance and improve over the past few years, the performance levels of the batteries therein have certainly dwindled. Gone are the times when one could use a phone for days on end without consulting a charging dock or cable, and although the ability to tweet, Instagram, e-mail and game on-the-fly is something we all enjoy to varying degrees, battery retention levels have forgone as a result. For those who cannot live with the ~24 hour battery life of the smartphone, help is at hand from a variety of sources, and one company – Mophie – has come through with a slick, light and elegant battery pack for the iPhone 5.

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