LuckyCrush Video Chat Randomly Pairs Opposite-Sex Partners, Lets Women Earn Money By Chatting

A relatively new web and mobile platform is breaking boundaries and replacing the norm through its ability to thrust men and women into fleeting digital-only connections. Say goodbye to “in-real-life” relationships and say hello to LuckyCrush.

We know what you’re thinking; this sounds like it allows me to switch off from reality and the difficulty of forming lasting relationships in favor of some light-hearted entertainment and online fun. It’s a chat game of sorts but it’s redefining that category in a few important ways.

The general crux of the platform is this; men and women get randomly paired together in a video, written, or voice-based chat experience. Men get a certain amount of free time to chat with the ladies. Once that free time has been exhausted, those same men can then opt to pay a relatively small in-platform fee to continue chatting and continue being matched with the ever-growing pool of women on the site. Women get to access the platform entirely free-of-charge and can actually benefit from the experience financially as their chat-time is turned into credits, which, in turn, can be exchanged for real cash or gifts. If you don’t like the person that you are chatting to, then mash the ‘Next’ button to move onto the next digital connection, and thus, the glorious digital connection cycle repeats.

This may sound like the concept behind Chatroulette and similar platforms but LuckyCrush is actually different and comes with a real USP; the ratio of males to females on the site is approximately 50:50. The French founders of LuckyCrush wanted this equal male-female userbase to be one of the core parts of their experiment.

By their own admission, LuckyCrush came into existence as an experiment – their words – to see if females could be enticed to enter into this world of making digital connections via video chat if the experience was gamified and rewarded. The nigh-on equal 50/50 split suggests that this experiment has been a roaring success, proven by the fact that males have spent more than $1.4 million in credits in order to continue talking to the female membership. This revenue has also interested investors who have tabled a multi-million Euro bid for the platform.

If you are reading this and thinking it sounds like a crazy idea, and that it would never work, then you are right and wrong in equal measures. Historically, humans have yearned to create meaningful, lasting relationships and connections. LuckyCrush obliterates that desire by giving men and women access to a fun, safe, and fleeting environment in which to create ephemeral digital-only relationships. Yes, it’s crazy. Yes, it’s definitely questionable. But it definitely works, and the aforementioned facts and figures are evidence of that sweet spot that has been achieved.

Curiosity has all made us act in unexpected ways and walk paths we wouldn’t necessarily walk otherwise. If you are struggling for time and have been piqued by the idea of fleeting, digital-only ephemeral relationships, then maybe curiosity has gripped you, too. To get started with the chatting experience, simply head over to the link hereIf you’re a woman interested in making money using LuckyCrush, head over to this link here instead.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for LuckyCrush. We don’t get any commissions for referrals or sign-up on the service.

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