iPhone 6s Plus Vs Sony Xperia Z5 Camera Comparison

With the iPhone 6s Plus now featuring the best camera in an Apple product, comparisons are understandably going to be made between it and other high-end smartphone shooters that are available today. One of the best out there is the Sony Xperia Z5, and according to the experts at DxOMark, it’s even the best you can get. Not everyone agrees, though.

In a YouTube video on the SuperSaf TV channel, you will find a video that compares the aforementioned iPhone 6s Plus to the excellent Sony Xperia Z5 as far as cameras are concerned. Focussing on real-world examples rather than laboratory tests and results, the video spends over eight minutes comparing both of the handsets, with both their front-facing and rear-facing cameras put through their paces. Similar photos and videos have already arrived, comparing the new iPhones with Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge+ and even a Nikon DSLR, but this is the first time we’ve seen Apple’s newest, largest iPhone compared with Sony’s flagship.


So how did it do?

Well, the iPhone 6s Plus takes some great pictures, but so does the Xperia Z5. The latter switches its focus noticeably faster when recording video and offers significantly sharper audio recording when compared with the iPhone 6s Plus, and if the lighting is good, then the front-facing camera on Sony’s phone is capable of better images than the iPhone’s. That said, in lower light, the iPhone 6s Plus starts to show its worth thanks to its new screen-based flash system.


iPhone 6s Plus vs Sony Xperia Z5 rear camera 4K video recording


Comparison of front-facing camera shots in reasonable lighting


Comparison of front-facing camera results in low light


Front-facing camera low-light results with the iPhone 6s Plus using its Retina Flash

Around the back, the shots taken by the iPhone 6s Plus are brighter and more colorful, but those who prefer wider angled shots will prefer the Sony and its higher megapixel count – 24 MP vs 12 MP on the iPhone – which allows it to add more of the surroundings to the image and, in ideal lighting, higher detail.


Comparison in rear camera shots in reasonable lighting


Comparison in rear camera shots in low light


Comparison in rear camera shots in even lower light, zoomed in to show level of detail captured

All in all, you’re not going to be disappointed with the photos that come out of either device, and we doubt that the camera is likely to be the biggest buying differentiator when it comes to these two smartphones anyway. Check the video out for yourselves and see what you think, though, and be sure to watch it at the highest resolution you can to ensure you get the best feel for the image quality of each camera.

iPhone 6s Plus vs Sony Xperia Z5 camera comparison:

(Source: YouTube)

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