iPhone 4s in Apple Store Gets JailbreakMe Treatment [Video]

Since jailbreaking has been declared in United States as 100 percent legal, and now that we have the easiest jailbreak to date (JailbreakMe) which is all web-based and doesn’t require any Mac or a PC to run, some users thought why not to give it a go to jailbreak iOS devices in the nearest Apple Store? All for fun of course!

A user, who goes by the name MK321024 on Twitter went to an Apple Store this morning to jailbreak an iPhone 4. He shot a quick little video to share it with everyone.

Following in the footsteps of MK321024, another user decided to do the same at an Apple Store near him. Check out the video (found via iEvolution) below.

If you have visited an Apple Store recently and have attempted to jailbreak, or have found some jailbroken iPhone 4s around, do share the pictures and / or videos with us in the comments section below. [via Twitter]

UPDATE 1: Here is another video, from an Apple Store in Trafford center in Manchester, England. Thanks to Twitter user Gareth Stringer for sending this in.

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