iPhone 4 has been Unlocked Yet Again !

MuscleNerd of iPhone Dev Team has managed to unlock his iPhone 4 by a different method than the one shown by Planetbeing (of Android port for iPhone fame) last week. Apparently, there are three methods by which iPhone 4 baseband can be unlocked. The first one was used by Planetbeing and was demonstrated last week. This one by MuscleNerd uses a different technique. Image after the break.

Unlock iPhone 4Click here to see the image in iPhone 4’s full high-res (960 x 640)

The two iPhone hackers will now work together to find out which one of the two methods is fast, and more efficient to use before finalizing the next version of ultrasn0w with iPhone 4 support for public release. The third method is likely going to be saved for future.

Stay tuned as we will let you know whenever the unlock and jailbreak (for iPhone 4) are ready for primetime use. [via Twitter]

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