Unboxing iPad – All Videos in One Place

If you’re wondering about the box contents which are included, along with the standard iPad packaging, you’ve come to the right place. We have compiled a couple of unboxing videos in one place so you get an idea what you’ll get in with your iPad come this Saturday.

iPad Box

So after the first of the iPad reviews, the first unboxing video of iPad to hit the Internet was done by Andy Ihnatko. He showed off the contents, which are pretty much like in any standard Apple packaging that you would expect. It includes instruction manuals, a wall charger, the standard Apple USB cable to copy data, a couple of Apple logo stickers and of course the iPad itself.

In the second of videos, actor/comedian Stephen Fry shows off a brief unboxing/unpacking, which mostly includes all the extra bits of official accessories that you can order with the iPad. This includes the iPad Case, iPad Dock and iPad Keyboard with Dock.

Check back for more unboxing videos, we’ll keep you updated if more videos pop up, oh and we’ll have an unboxing video of our own too as soon as we get our hands on the iPad!

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