iPad 2 to Launch in U.S. First on April 2nd Or 9th?

Previously we reported that Kevin Rose (founder of Digg) said that the iPad 2 will be announced on February 1st but we didn’t get to hear the launch date at that time. According to a German blog MacNotes.de, they are claiming that the iPad 2 will be launched on either April 2nd or 9th.

iPad_2_Mock up Render

Although there isn’t any sort of hard evidence to support the fact that the iPad 2 will launch on either of the given dates, but MacNotes.de claim to have good sources supporting this rumor. And just like how the current iPad was launched, the iPad 2 will remain exclusive to the US when it is launched and will hit international markets in July. The report also claims that the iPad 2 will have dual cameras, one at the front for FaceTime calls and one at the back for taking pictures and recording video. Although the report says that the iPad 2 will also have a Retina Display but we are somewhat skeptical about it, since a Retina Display on the iPad 2 will have higher pixel density which would in turn require more processing power to handle and of course will be more expensive to manufacture. Let’s just take this report as a grain of salt and leave it up to Apple to unveil the iPad 2 themselves. [via BGR]

The iPad 2 pictured above is a 3D render of the mockup iPad 2 found in CES.

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