Update On Where Things Stand For An iOS 11.2.5 Jailbreak And What To Expect Going Forward?

With a full iOS 11.1.2 jailbreak complete with Cydia support being imminent, where does that leave those on iOS 11.2.5?

As you may already know, iOS 11.2.5 is currently the latest public firmware available from Apple with iOS 11.3 betas still being tested by developers and public testers. iOS 11.3 likely won’t be released until Spring this year but Apple could in the meantime push another minor point update in the form of iOS 11.2.6 to patch any critical issues.

Coming back to iOS 11.2.5, as we recently reported, Apple is no longer signing any other public firmware except iOS 11.2.5. This is important in the context of any potential next jailbreak given that iOS 11.2.2 has known vulnerabilities by both Zimperium’s Russ Cox, and Adam Donenfeld, which could result in a new public jailbreak if exploited.

This is in stark contrast to iOS 11.2.5 which currently has no known public vulnerabilities or exploits available, at least not yet.

Having said all of this, not all is lost as yet as those stuck on iOS 11.2.5 can still “technically” downgrade to iOS 11.2.2 (or even 11.1.2) using FutureRestore for any future jailbreak if they saved SHSH2 blobs for those firmwares when they were still being signed. While this method of downgrading requires going through various hoops, it’s at least still technically doable as iOS 11.2.5 SEP (Secure Enclave Processor) is compatible with iOS 11.1.2. However it is important to note here that this is something which won’t be possible once iOS 11.3 is released to public because as of iOS 11.3 beta 2, Apple has made SEP of iOS 11.3 incompatible with iOS 11.1.2, making downgrades using FutureRestore from iOS 11.3 impossible.

To conclude, as of this writing today, those on iOS 11.1.2 or below should just stay there as Electra jailbreak with iOS 11 Cydia support is almost here. While there are vulnerabilities known for iOS 11.2.2 and below firmwares, it makes things difficult for those who have already upgraded to iOS 11.2.5 because downgrading involves a lot of technicalities after Apple stopped signing all firmwares below iOS 11.2.5.

As for iOS 11.2.5 jailbreak, no vulnerabilities or exploits are known yet and will likely remain as such until a new firmware is released and Apple makes public knowledge of new patched vulnerabilities. There’s also a very slight outside chance of someone making use of leaked iBoot bootrom exploit in a future jailbreak although even if that happens, it won’t likely work on latest generation of iOS devices given that leaked code is at least couple of years old from iOS 9 era.

As always, we will keep you updated from all the new happenings from the jailbreak world. Stay tuned for more.

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